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Old Harrow, Egerton

16th century - close studded timber frame - entrance lobby - Grade II listed

We had been contacted by the homeowner to have a look at a daub panel that had started to come away from the laths. The panel had been patched in places with modern plaster and was in a fairly poor condition.



The external render had been replaced in the 1950s with a corrugated bitumen paper and rendered in sand and cement. As the timber frame moved, gaps between the frame and the cement render started to open up and allowed water to penetrate, causing the frame to rot.



We agreed with the client that the timber frame around the panel was also in need of repair.

In order to carry out the repairs, we carefully removed and stored the daub, to be reworked and reused later.

The repairs to the timber frame were carried out using air dried oak from our stores.

Once the repairs were completed, we fitted new split chestnut laths, and lime plastered the exterior. Internally we reinstated the daub.


Before and after lime render

Evans_Timeber Repair_opt.jpg

Before and during repair



Once we had finished the repairs we had agreed with the client, they asked if we would write them a repair schedule for the rest of the house.

Over the past 2 years, we have removed all of the cement render and repaired and reinstated missing parts of the original frame.

We still have minor repairs to the windows, and some repointing to do to the brickwork, but the work that the client has agreed to, has ensured the survival of part of our built heritage.


Old Harrow, Egerton

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